Christmas Raffle Winner Announcement

Hello dear customers,

We are delighted to announce the winner of our Christmas Raffle.  And the winner is…



Andreas will be taking home a goodie-bag with the following delicacies from Friuli: Salsiccia al peperoncino Wolf – or spicy salami to you and me; Ratatuie, Bio – Faleschini; Cream of Aubergines, Bio – Faleschini; Caciottina di capra – goat cheese; Wine vinegar La Subida. And a few sweet things: Maronen Crème, delicious in baking or on its own, home baked chocolate cookies, home baked biscuits with figs marmalade and lastly some Torroncini, for good measure. Lecker oder was?

Andreas please come any time during our opening times to collect your prize.

Everyone, we take the opportunity to thank you for your custom in 2014, and we look forward to seeing you again in the new year! And who knows, there may even be some more raffles…

New arrivals in time for Christmas

We have now received a fresh load of Christmas classics as well as some all-year delicacies from Friuli. So whether you are looking for a tasty gift or you just have a special craving…come and check out our goodies.

Christmas classics from the Dall’Ava range include:


Panettone, 1 kg – in the varieties: choco-orange, classic or glassato.

Gubana Maria Vittoria, in two sizes: 250g/450g – made with the finest ingredients from Friuli.

Strucchi Maria Vittoria –  450g of small individual gubanine  – each of them an innocent snack, just as long as you don’t polish off the whole box…



Focaccia in treccia, 600g – a plait-shaped soft brioche  with a gubana filling. Simply  delicious. And innocent, of course.

For those with a more savoury taste, you can indulge again in some Salame Casereccio and Soppressa Friulana  from Zoratti Salumificio, both made from Italian pork meat (DOP – di origine protetta – roughly ‘protected designation of origin’) with natural spices, with no gluten or milk derivatives.

Old time favourite salsiccia al peperoncino from Wolf is back in the house, and so is Mortadella with pistachios, and Prosciutto Crudo San Daniele Dok Dall’Ava, 14 and 24 months.

But let’s not forget to say ‘cheese!’

Caciotta Alto But, natural or smoked varieties, Frant cheese and beautiful and delicious goat cheese caciottine are back in store.

Plus we have stocked up on lovely honey varieties from Apicarnia, Wine Grapes vinegar from La Subida and a new entry: Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Le Masse.

Lastly, you will also find a variety of our home-baked biscuits and cookies, nicely packaged up should you wish to give them as present.

Come and peruse…

Cercasi personale!

Siamo Donath Salumeria Friulana, l’unica salumeria e enoteca friulana a Berlino.

Specializzati in salumi, formaggi e vini friulani, offriamo inoltre ai nostri clienti prodotti preparati in casa con ingredienti  freschi, quali pizze, quiches, focacce, tramezzini, panini, torte e biscotti.

Il nostro negozio si trova nel cuore di Prenzlauerberg a Berlino, qui si possono acquistare i nostri prodotti sia per asporto che per consumo in-house. Offriamo inoltre anche servizio catering.

Aperti da un anno e mezzo siamo alla ricerca di una persona da integrare nella nostra piccola team al piu’ presto.

Cerchiamo qualcuno con:

  • Conoscenza lingua tedesca livello B2
  • Esperienza e/o qualificazione settore gastronomico, norme igienico-sanitari


  • Conoscenza lingua inglese
  • Esperienza uso affettatrice

Cerchiamo una persona dinamica, che sia disponibile inizialmente due giorni a settimana (dalle 12:30 alle 21:00), piu’ un sabato si e uno no (12:00-20:00), e con possibilita’ di aumento,  nonche’ di flessibilita’, nelle ore lavorative una volta integrata.

Prego inoltrare vostro curriculum a, e/o contattarci per ulteriori informazioni sullo 030 6800 1306, dal lunedi al venerdi, 8:00-12:00 o 14:00-15:00, o semplicemente facendoci visita in negozio.

Our January sale continues

Still on sale at the moment:

Maritani Panettone - 70% off! 900g @ 8 Eur (instead of 28 Eur – crazy or what?!)

Dall’Ava Panettone – 40% off! 1kg @ 16 Eur (instead of 28 Eur)

Treccia Gubana Dall’Ava – 50% off! 600g  @ 6 Eur (instead of 12 Eur)

We also have a few bottles left of San Biagio artisan beer, now at 40% off!  75ml @ 9 Eur (instead of 12 Eur)

Today at Donath Salumeria…

Meet our beauties for the day. To the left, Orange and Carrot cake will gently satisfy that mid-morning, mid-afternoon sweet urge…and will go down nicely with a cup of tea.

To the right, a journey for your taste buds awaits… a fresh strawberry and melon tart, with a sprinkle of chocolate dust.

For those with a more savoury tooth, we have: pizza, focaccia,  trout quiche and tramezzini. 


Wir sind wieder da!

Donath Salumeria Friulana is open again, after two delicious weeks off! We are now back regenerated, rested and inspired. Watch out for our forthcoming lunchtime meal offers and summer salads. Our opening times are: Monday to Friday 8:00-20:00 and Saturday 12:00-19:00. Bis bald!

Summer holiday

We are very happy to inform you that Donath Salumeria Friulana shall remain closed between Monday 14th and Sat 27th July.

It’s been a great few months since opening our doors, and now it is time for a little break.

However we look forward to seeing you all on our return, when we will be introducing some new offers, including new panini and a new lunchtime deal…

Keep your eyes peeled.

Tiramisu’ in the house!

A picture speaks a thousand words, so here is one. Tiramisu’ made fresh today by the loving and expert hands of Eleonora.

And after trying to ignore it for a while, but secretly looking at it all the time, well, I decided to give in to my quality control duties and have a slice.

Simply divine! So come and get yours, before I feel the need to double check…