Our January sale continues

Still on sale at the moment:

Maritani Panettone - 70% off! 900g @ 8 Eur (instead of 28 Eur – crazy or what?!)

Dall’Ava Panettone – 40% off! 1kg @ 16 Eur (instead of 28 Eur)

Treccia Gubana Dall’Ava – 50% off! 600g  @ 6 Eur (instead of 12 Eur)

We also have a few bottles left of San Biagio artisan beer, now at 40% off!  75ml @ 9 Eur (instead of 12 Eur)


It doesn’t matter that Christmas is over, as far as panettone is concerned, it tastes just as great in January! (or February or March, for that matter) We still have a few artisan panettoni  left in store (500g and 1kg), from both our suppliers Dall’Ava and Maritani. Come and get your hands on one, they are 40% off!

We also have a few bottles left of the delicious San Biagio artisan beer (Verbum, Monasta and Gaudens variety) made to century old traditions in Monastero di San Biagio, Umbria.  A 75 ml bottle is now 9 Eur, instead of 12 Eur.