Wine Vinegar La Subida now on sale!

Donath Salumeria Friulana is proud to be using amongst its ingredients Wine Vinegar – La Subida. An essential addition to any kitchen, this vinegar is guaranteed to bring out the best in even the most simple dishes.

As well as on salads,  try it on eggs, on hefty chowders, on asparagus and sprouts, on  fish and fish soups, in sorbets, or on fruit salads, such as strawberries and raspberries. Simply delicious.

In the words of its maker…“If it is true – and it is true – that a great wine is made with great grapes, it is from such great grapes that I make my great vinegar; you need a few years and, during such an interval, I must look after it, pamper it as if it were a baby child, still in its infancy”  - Josko Sirk

It is now a good time to get your hands on a bottle of La Subida, with the last few bottles  in store now on sale.