It doesn’t matter that Christmas is over, as far as panettone is concerned, it tastes just as great in January! (or February or March, for that matter) We still have a few artisan panettoni  left in store (500g and 1kg), from both our suppliers Dall’Ava and Maritani. Come and get your hands on one, they are 40% off!

We also have a few bottles left of the delicious San Biagio artisan beer (Verbum, Monasta and Gaudens variety) made to century old traditions in Monastero di San Biagio, Umbria.  A 75 ml bottle is now 9 Eur, instead of 12 Eur.

Summer holiday

We are very happy to inform you that Donath Salumeria Friulana shall remain closed between Monday 14th and Sat 27th July.

It’s been a great few months since opening our doors, and now it is time for a little break.

However we look forward to seeing you all on our return, when we will be introducing some new offers, including new panini and a new lunchtime deal…

Keep your eyes peeled.

New cheese on the block!


We are delighted to inform you that we have now received some wonderful new cheeses, including: Taleggio, Pecorino Sardo, Formaggio di Capra (goat cheese), Gorgonzola, as well as Buffalo Mozzarella. Slurp!

But these are not formaggi friulani! i hear you say…well, while we are proud of the gorgeous produce that comes from Friuli, and we remain committed to our ‘Friulano core’, we are also very welcoming, and happy to listen to customers’ suggestions. So do come in and check out the newly arrived cheeses. Please note that most of them are also organic.

Beer now in stock!

Endlich Summer…It was another glorious sunny day yesterday, with people catching some rays outside Salumeria. And to help quench that summery thirst, we now serve Meckatzer Weiss-Gold, from Bavaria.

You can also come and sample some of our summer favourites, including: Pinot Bianco Marinig and Friulano Marinig.

Our soft drinks include: Fritz Cola (Original, Lime, Stevia, Orange) as well as alcohol-free Meckatzer Weiss-Gold.


We did it! and…Salumeria Friulana in L’Espresso!

Crostini salame e salsa mascarpone

We are very pleased that Saturday’s big catering event (for the opening of a new Architecture Museum right on our doorstep) went well, with our focaccine ripiene, pizzette, crostini, bruschette and tramezzini having all but fast disappeared into people’s mouths!! Well done team! Das war sehr gut gemacht!

We are also very excited that Salumeria Friulana Donath shall be featured in this week’s  L’Espresso (print format). Please look out for it, amici italiani!

The last bit of news is that we have a new and extremely good looking coffee machine, so come and taste the difference! We use organic beans from Caffe’ l’Aroma degli Elfi, and our coffee prices are: Espresso/Macchiato 1 EUR, Cappuccino/Latte Macchiato 1.60 EUR, Kaffee 1.30 EUR.