Feature: Faleschini’s organic conserves, sauces, mustards and more

Since 1990 Luigi has been running his certified organic farm ‘Azienda Agricola Luigi Faleschini’ at some 720m above sea level, in the mountain area of Valcanale in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Right from the start, vegetables and autochthon varieties of fruits such as apples, pears, plums and small fruits are grown during the summer and autumn months, according to certified-organic agriculture methods.

Alongside fresh produce production, the farm also operates an artisan laboratory in which vegetable conserves, vegetables in oil and sweet and sour, compotes, mustards, sauces and juices are produced, exclusively from fresh and organically grown fruit and vegetables grown in the farm’s own fields or when not, from other certified organic farms. The use of genuine and high quality ingredients, together with taking inspiration from old traditional recipes, confers the end products organoleptic properties, fragrances and taste akin to those of the much loved home-made preparations! The quality mark ‘Savors di cjase’ (home flavours) testifies to this philosophy.

In Salumeria you can find a small selection of these quality products. Just to whet your appetite, you can read about a few of them here…

Antipastino di verdure “in agrodolce” da agricoltura biologica (Sweet and sour vegetables antipastino) During the early autumn weeks, just before the autumnal frost sets in, any vegetables left in the fields, which will no longer mature, are used to make these sweet and sour conserves, according to a traditional recipe from valleys in the farm’s vicinity. Fresh vegetables such as green tomatoes, peppers, onions, are finely cut and mixed, then blanched into a mixture of naturally fermented wine vinegar, sugar and sea salt.



Antipastino di verdure “mediterraneo ” sott’olio (” Ratatuia”) da agricoltura biologica (Mediterranean Ratatuia) An ideal accompaniment to Pilaf’s rice, seitan, couscous or as a pasta condiment, this Ratatuia is made using fresh vegetables such as cherry-tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and onion, finely chopped and cooked in extra virgin olive oil and naturally fermented wine vinegar, with sea salt, sugar, capers and chilli, and then preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

Peperoni “sott’olio” da agricoltura biologica (Peppers in oil) Peppers cut into strips, blanched in wine vinegar and brown sugar and aromatised with ground pepper, garlic and basil, and then preserved in first-cold-press extra virgin olive oil.

Melanzane “sott’olio” da agricoltura biologica (Aubergines in oil) Chopped and then salted so to eliminate water, aubergines are then acidified in a warm mixture of wine vinegar, water, aromatic herbs and spices, and then preserved in first-cold-press extra virgin olive oil, capers, oregano and chilli.

Radic di mont (Cicerbita Alpina)”sott’olio” (Mountain Radicchio in oil) See our previous blog. 

Mostarda di pera (Pear mustard) Pear mustard is a delicious accompaniment to sweet and mature cheese, e.g. Stravecchio Friulano or sweet Grana Padano, and is also great with stews. Faleschini have produced a range of pear mustards to accompany young, medium or mature cheeses, as well as goat cheese and ricotta. At the moment we stock:

Senapata di pera (pear mustard sauce) Produced with pear puree made with local pear varieties, a natural mustard aroma, brown sugar and lemon juice. It is a perfect partner to mature sweet cheeses (e.g. Stravecchio), a classic accompaniment to stews or smoked fish (e.g. rainbow trout or smoked sea bass), and ideal also with raw fish fillets, shrimp and scampi.

Salsa di pera al pepperoncino (pear mustard sauce with chilli) Produced adding fresh chilli (previously acidified in apple cider vinegar), sugar and a little apple cider vinegar. Ideal with young cheeses, such as 2-3 month old mountain cheese.

For more information about Faleschini’s wide product range (including conserves, mustards, vegetables in oil, syrups and juices, compotes) please check their website, or just come see us.


Christmas goodies

Ok, so here we are again,  t’is the season to be jolly, the frenzy has officially started, so come on, get into the spirit, find a Weihnachten Markt, drink some Gluehwein and all will be all right…Alternatively you can also find loads of ‘Geschenk’ ideas at Donath Salumeria Friulana.

Panettoni, Gubane and Focacce by Dall'Ava

On top of our usual range of cured meats, hams, cheeses from mainly artisan producers in Friuli (such as latterie Alto But), as well as cakes and biscuits baked in-house as always, we are now delighted to be able to offer you a delicious range of panettoni, gubane, sweet focacce, cioccolatini, cremini and patisserie-delicacies from Maritani and Dall’Ava.

Panettoni, Gubane, Biscotti by Maritani

We also have a brand new range of very fine pasta from Benedetto Cavalieri, a variety of artisan honeys from Apicarnia, organic chutneys and sauces from Faleschini, Radic di Mont, precious Vinegar from La Subida and of course wines from our beloved Masarotti, Marinig, Tiare, Antico Broilo and Flaibani.

Pasta by Benedetto Cavalieri


Radic di Mont

Honey varieties by Apicarnia


Sauces by Faleschini

So you see, there is just no need to be stuck for Christmas presents’ ideas, just pop into Donath Salumeria, get yourself a nice glass of vino and enjoy picking some treats for your loved ones or yourselves.

And if you are planning any Christmas catering or dinner events and want to find out about using our cosy taverna, just give us a call on 030 68001306.